Tigernut worm project results presented at the Spanish Society of Applied Entomology congress.

Elytra Agroscience Services, together with UPV and UV, presented the results of our work dealing with “cuc de la xufa” […]

We talked about Xylella insect vectors in a tv program.

. Elytra participated in a regional dissemination tv program which explain agricultural and ecology issues. We briefly talked about the […]

Xylella vectors identification course

Past month Elytra Agroscience Services offered a theoretical-practical course in Ibiza on identification of insect vectors of Xylella fastidiosa bacterium. […]

Dissemination session about the Orchid thrips

Elytra Agroscience Services participates in a dissemination session about the Orchid thrips (Chaetanaphothrips orchidii), a new pest that affects valencian […]

Programa Samarucdigital

Elytra take part in the television program Samarucdigital “ Biodiversity’s week”, where it shows how the bats can be great […]