Services we offer

Taxonomy and technical information for pests and natural enemies

  • Arthropod’s identification
  • Information regarding biology and/or ecology of arthropods found in samples (behaviour, time of contamination, place of contamination…)
  • Quarantine species identification for official organisms
  • Causal agent determination from damaged plants.

Courses and didactic guides for the development of new technologies in Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  • Informational guides elaboration for identification of pests and natural enemies.
  • Methodological guides elaboration for sampling methods in field.
  • Technical monographs elaboration dealing with specific problems in pest control.
  • Formative courses for specific issues.

Assays and projects in open field and crops

  • Efficacy evaluation of biological control agents, both naturally occurring arthropods or marketable released arthropods.
  • Study of the functional diversity of an ecosystem.
  • Efficacy evaluation of (bio)pesticides ant their environmental impact.
  • Efficacy evaluation of traps, attractants, pheromones and other substances for pest control and monitoring.
  • Technology development for natural enemies application / release.
  • Development of monitoring methods for pests (stablished and invasive) and natural enemies.
  • New potentially marketable natural enemies prospections.
  • Technology design for natural enemies and pollinators increase.
  • Projects development for the practical application of the latest advances in biological pest control.